Community Giving Program


At Epsom Sand and Soil we back our community commitment with our monthly giving program. Over the last year we have supported:

  • children with disabilities
  • charities
  • individuals struck by tragedy
  • sporting groups
  • community groups
  • and more.

Entry into our community giving program is easy – just like us on facebook and post the following text on your own wall:

We’d like to nominate for the @epsomsandandsoil community giving program.

It’s that easy – and we hope to see your nomination over on Facebook soon!

Paying extra for delivery?


Not with Epsom Sand and Soil ! Within our local area, there is no extra charge for delivery over five tonne. Keep that in mind when you're comparing prices.

Did you know we had a fully calibrated weighbridge? No guess work at Epsom Sand and Soil - only pay for what you get - weighed every time!

Building? Boggy site access?

Raodbase 20mm

Crushed Rock is your answer.

Roadbase - 40mm for heavy traffic and water affected areas, 20mm for light to medium traffic areas. A bluestone quarry product from 40 or 20mm down to dust. Best results are achieved when crushed rock is rolled, watered and compacted.

For more information, see PRODUCTS - QUARRY.

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