Seymour 20mm Pebble

$128.21 m3

Limited supply until about mid February.

The Seymour 20mm pebble is a natural river stone which features smooth stones in varying shades of grey, white, cream and black. We have recently found a new supplier for our Seymour range. The new product is similar but features stronger colours than our previous supplier.   It’s a decorative stone suitable for paths, in between pavers, around pot plants, mulch in garden beds and natural look for water features.  Seymour pebble will stay loose but if you’re looking for a product to compact, we recommend our Seymour Toppings.

All our Seymour products are from the new supplier now.



Do you deliver?
Yes. There is free delivery for 5 tonne or more in the Bendigo area. There is a minimum of 1m3 for all deliveries.

How far do you travel for deliveries?
Epsom will deliver anywhere however there is an additional charge for deliveries made outside of the Bendigo area(a 20km radius from base).

Do you have a courtesy trailer?
Yes we have a complimentary trailer.

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